What is the best part about Thanksgiving dinner? Is it the turkey that turned out perfectly after slaving over it all day? Or those fluffy mashed potatoes that are gone in minutes? Maybe it is the slice of delicious pumpkin pie everyone has waited for all year. Most would probably agree it is friends and family coming together around the table that is the best part. Imagine not being able to experience any of that. Not having a turkey to worry about. No potatoes to scoop onto on your plate. No pumpkin pie to sneak bites of. No dinner to bring everyone together for. Sadly this is a reality for many families.

This Thanksgiving, Eastern Plains Community Pantry is helping to make sure Eastern Colorado families will have a dinner to put on the table. We need the help of our supporters though!

Eastern Plains Community Pantry, REACH Pikes Peak, and the Calhan Ministerial Alliance will be working together to provide assistance to those in need this holiday season. Please consider helping in any way that you can. We will be collecting funds to purchase food certificates from Woolsey’s Food Center. Food Certificates allow the families to purchase the type of food that their family enjoys, much the same as you and I do in preparing holiday meals for our loved ones. The certificates are calculated for the number of members in the family and $50 will cover a certificate for a family of four. The certificate will be mailed to the families in need.

Checks can be made payable to your local Calhan church. One check will then be given to the Ministerial Alliance for the purchase of the food certificates. OR cash donations may be delivered to EPCP (701 4th Street, Calhan, Colorado 80808) starting Monday, Nov. 3rd till Friday, Nov. 21st from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

There is a great deal of work that needs to be done to make sure that no one goes hungry during the holidays. Help plan to offer the holiday trimming food items that are a part of our American tradition.

From everyone at Eastern Plains Community Pantry, thank you for your support in helping families this holiday season and Happy Thanksgiving!