Volunteer of the Month Wall of Honor


Bob Snell – July Honoree

Bob works a regular schedule each week but volunteer’s additional time when other volunteers can’t work. He always has a smile and a sense of humorous to share with clients and fellow volunteers.

Richard Mackey – August Honoree

Richard probably drives the farthest to volunteer at the Pantry. He is always ready to lend a hand      and enjoys helping people.  Thank you for your dedication.

George Hoover – September Honoree

George lives in Falcon and has worked at the Pantry for two years.  The pantry values George’s help. as he always is there to help in anyway that is necessary as well as with carrying supplies in and out of the pantry.

Margret (Peggy) Somers – October Honoree

The October Volunteer of the Month for the Eastern Plains Pantry is Peggy Somers.  Peggy works at the Pantry almost every day and helps with all aspects of the Pantry; sorting clothing, cleaning, stocking food, helping people.  She is willing to do whatever it takes to make the Pantry a place for serving others.

Peggy is from Maryland. She moved to Calhan 3 years ago to be with her son and daughter-in-law. She loves Colorado and says “the people are so nice.”

Nancy Rowles – November Honoree

Nancy has taken charge of book and video donations within the pantry. She keeps them organized so that they can easily be seen . Generally you will find Nancy at the Pantry on any Thursday but she will volunteer additional time when needed. Nancy has a heart for helping others
which makes her a perfect volunteer for the Pantry.

Kaye Todd – December Honoree

Kay loves serving  helping those who come into the pantry.  She often helps in the clothing section and the book section.  Kay always has a smile on her face and has said many times that volunteering at the pantry is one of her greatest rewards.

Deb Drew – January Honoree

Deb volunteers regularly on Tuesdays.  She picks up lettuce and other donations from Mountain Springs Church, and she is very good in handling Pantry  paperwork.  Deb has a heart for caring for her fellow man. Deb is involved with face-painting during special children activities and is a team leader for a Fostering Hope group which helps families who take care of foster children. In addition, she is highly involved with various activities at her church.   Deb is one who truly cares for her fellow man.


       ___________________February Honoree



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